Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes

Hooked! ? There would be no better way to describe my years of dependence on cigarettes. I had to have a cigarette. That is the way it was for me once upon a time. Smoking cigarettes is one of greatest mistakes I ever made.

It was the cool thing to do. Nobody I knew knew it was a deadly habit. People smoked around babies, in restaurants, in movie theaters, and even on public transportation. You smoked wherever you wanted. It seemed everybody smoked.

There was no such thing as second-hand smoke. It was unheard of. In the 1960?s people spent many hours in smoke filled rooms, whether they were smokers or not. If you were a smoker you would walk a country mile if you ran out of cigarettes and had no other way to get to a store. You were hooked.

Cigarette smokers will spend their last penny or beg for extra change if they run out of cigarettes. They will do just about anything to support their habit. Quitting is no simple matter, either. It could very well be one of the hardest things you do in your life. But it can be done.

I tried to quit for years. I just couldn?t do it, at the time, and continued to puff my life away. One day fate stepped in when an old friend I hadn?t heard from in years called. ?Just wanted to see how you were doing,? he said. The last time I saw him he was a 2-pack a day smoker.

?Guess what, I quit smoking, he continued … been 4 years.? He said he was amazed that he had actually succeeded and that he had used sunflower seeds to do it. I thought that over for about a week before I went out and bought a nice big bag of sunflower seeds in the shells.

My friend explained that you have to get the sunflower seeds in the shell, not the shelled kind. You need the shells for the cracking and splitting activity ? it is something to do with your hands and your mouth. Cigarette smoking is an oral fixation. It supplies continuous hand-mouth activity.

The sunflower seeds substitute the hand-mouth activity through the hard parts of withdrawal. They replace the cigarettes and offer you a substitute while you are detoxing. Hand to mouth, hand to mouth, something in your hand to put in your mouth. Just like cigarettes.

Instead of sucking up the smoke and blowing it out, you chew open shells and spit them out. Much healthier! I haven?t had a cigarette in over a decade. The sunflower seeds did the trick for me, too. Remember the cigarette smokes you?re just the sucker. Good luck!


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